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A-Z BlueprintFor Creating And Launching A Wildly Successful Membership Site!

From how to create freebies, paid products, online courses to membership levels - this FREE course has EVERYTHING you need to build your membership site the RIGHT way, without tech or implementation overwhelm, and get it to generate at least $50K/year on autopilot

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What You'll Learn In This Course

This course has 5 lessons. Each lesson offer key insights into membership sites. This is the most actionable, easy-to-implement, FREE course on membership sites! 

Lesson 1: 
Don't make this mistake

What's that ONE mistake a lot of new membership site users make? I've also shared key membership site concepts that will help you setup your membership site the right way!

Lesson 2: 
Build your audience

How to build an audience for your membership site so when you ultimately offer memberships, you'll have people that are  eager and ready to signup!

Lesson 3: 
Create a $7 Product

All membership site owners should have at least ONE $7 offer! It's a no-brainer offer that will help you convert free subscribers into paying customers.

Lesson 4: 
You have a $97-$497 course in you

How to create and offer online courses or an challenges from your membership site! It'll also give you options when you create your membership tiers.

Lesson 5: 
How to introduce membership tiers (content, community, coaching).

Now it's time it introduce membership tiers - with different levels of access and benefits with each tier!

FREE Membership Product Planner

Plan Out Your Products Before You Build It! I've created this worksheet to help you with the planning process.  It's based on 4 core components of any membership site product or service - content, billing, access & delivery!

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the BEST FREE Course on Membership Sites! 

Membership site model is easily the most profitable online business model provided you do things in the right order / sequence, and plan it out before you build it!

I've seen so many people give up on their dreams of a recurring income generating, thriving membership site because they start off the wrong way and spend months creating content without building an audience.

The frustration sets in when, after an extensive content creation phase, a grand launch fails to attract sign-ups. 

I've created a course to help those that are struggling to monetize their membership sites. This course will teach you step-by-step, what products to create, how to create it, how to set it up in the backend and how to launch it. You'll learn how to give your membership site a strong foundation to ensure long-term success.

I've made this course FREE to remove any excuses you may have for not signing up. Enjoy!

The BEST FREE Course on Membership Sites - $0  ($97)